Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Days....

Early this week I thought I would sit down and write an overview of what happened this week, thinking friends and family could get an idea of what my days are like now.......however this week has brought to mind the line, "Man makes his plans, but God directs his ways." It turned out completely differently than I expected it to!

Our Lord's day was good. This is the high day of the week, my favorite day. We finished a series we have been doing on the Sabbath, the final sermon was on "Delighting In The Sabbath" Another special part of the day is the Christian fellowship we enjoy, and of course getting to spend a day with little Sammy:-)

Monday my week took an abrupt turn when I was asked to go help out my friends, the Es. Jenny had been stung on her foot and was having trouble getting around. Suddenly I was dashing around packing a bag, figuring out food for my two guys to eat while I was away, writing a note, etc. The next three days were busy ones filled with children, laundry,housework, sorting through seasonal clothes, and all the many things that need to be done to keep a large family going........Staying with the the Es feels like old times since I lived there for two months this spring, I enjoy being there, and being a part of family life again!

Wednesday night was church, we continued the series that Pastor has been preaching on the doctrine of adoption. This has been such an encouraging, helpful series, I recommend checking it out. After church I went home again......

Thursday was filled with all the things that needed to be caught up on, cleaning up the house, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, mail....... Keeping a house is more work, and more time consuming than I expected it to be when I started this spring. I like my job of keeping a home :-) and am glad to have a home to care for.

Friday we were invited to dinner at the home of some friends from church. It was good to get to know them better, and we enjoyed a delicious meal. I especially liked when we all sang Psalms together in the evening.

Saturday I got the good news that my sister, Becky, and her husband, are going to be spending a weekend with us at the end of the month. It is always exciting to get to visit with family, it has been too long since I have seen many of my family.......

We have enjoyed some beautiful weather this week, along with a couple rainstorms. Over the past couple days it seems that fall has finally come to Sc, temperatures are a bit cooler, and the leaves have finally started to turn. And so you have it, a brief overview of my week.

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Isaiah 55:6,8-1