Monday, November 16, 2009

Last week......

Another update, from SC, for my friends and family...............what a week it has been, I am exhausted! The week began as normal, I got all my housecleaning, laundry, and some extra cooking done in the first three days, plus packed my bags. It felt so strange to be home on Wed, but Jenny had asked me if I would switch my work day till the end of the week to help her get ready for their trip (the Es are heading to TX to see Jenny's brother graduate from the Air Force.) Over these few days we got inches of rain, the sound of it was so loud on the roof I had to turn my Cds way up to even hear them, crazy! The ditches on our road were overflowing.

Wednesday night was "different" as well. Pastor McCurley was away at a meeting, so we had Dr. Carick to speak for us. I already posted his sermon last week so I won't go into it again here, except to mention how much it got me thinking.....We ended up staying late talking, then a stop at Walmart, I finally crawled into my bed, at the Es, at about 11:30.

Morning arrived at 6:00. Shortly after getting up, I got on the computer did all my normal morning stuff, catching up on fb (readers can pause for a laugh here) , emailing, listening to a sermon, playing with this blog:-). A little later the computer crashed, nothing we tried worked, it seems it. is. finished. So we spent a day with no internet, a good lesson in patience I suppose, and neither of us complained, but we felt so out of touch! Jenny had the advantage over me in that she had a husband she could call to check her email for her at work. I was on my own. That day was filled with laundry, and I babysat for several hours while Jenny shopped for the trip. That evening Jenny and I watched Rigoletto. I love the music in that movie, it makes me cry......Another late night.

Friday - Jenny's Mom joined us and we did more laundry, I ironed clean laundry, and we packed, and you know how much stuff you need for 9 people to camp for a week and a half?! We accomplished a lot though. A good, productive day! When it came time to take Jenny's Mom home she dropped me off at the library where I checked my email, and yes, I admit it, my facebook:-) It was a relief to find out what was going on in the world of my family and friends. Not all good news though, found out that my sister's purebred dog was stolen. Not only a financial loss, but everyone loved Kate. We're praying for her safe return. When I got "home" we made pizzas together, then settled down for a Wives And Daughters movie marathon. It was a five hour long movie, kind of in the tradition of a Jane Austen story, definitely a chick flick. It was a thought provoking story, and some of it hit very close to home for me. Bedtime came early Sat morning.

A crazy morning.......we were planning to head for Anderson for a Keepers At Home meeting, due to sickness in one family, another family with a broken down car, we ended up being "the bus" that hauled all, but two, of the little girls. Yes, we did get everyone buckled in! It was an adventure:-) This month's meeting was on hospitality, and Mrs. Broyles served us a real tea, with 3 kinds of tea in her good china, scones, two kinds of sandwiches, petit fours, and chocolate dipped strawberries. Yum:-). After the meeting the little girls played outside while the women visited. We all had such a nice time. I was planning to head home this afternoon, but by the time we got everyone dropped off where they were supposed to be, and ran some errands it was pretty late. I was exhausted, so it didn't take much to convince me to stay another night! One of the moms cooked us dinner as a thanks for all the transportation - that was such a blessing! When I am that tired the last thing I want to do is cook dinner, I was so grateful! I was thinking, I can count on the fingers of one hand the nights I have had a break from cooking since I moved in you can see this meant a lot to me! In case you are wondering, dinner was a sausage rice casserole, a cheesy green bean casserole, garlic bread, and jello with fruit, delicious. Tonight I talked on the phone with a friend, but was in bed at 10:00.

Going to church with the Es feels like old times:-) When I arrived "my little Sammy " was waiting at the door for me holding out his arms to be picked up, awww. I love that little guy. Church was really good as always. In Luke we came to the Parable Of The Good Samaritan. Then in the afternoon we went through chapter 3 of Esther. After the service I was able to discuss this with Pastor McCurley - this series has really got me thinking, it turns upside down everything I have ever been taught on this story! Honestly though I had always wondered what kind of father would send his daughter into prostitution, with the hopeful goal of marrying a heathen, then when he finally does draw the line, and say no, it is to bowing to Haaman. What is wrong with that picture? To me it is comforting though to see that these Bible "heroes/heroines" were not perfect, yet God used them, and brought good out of it all.

And now I am home's work involves a mountain of laundry, cleaning my house (it REALLY needs it), and general catching up. And there is your update, I hope everyone has a great day!

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