Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Let me just start out this post by telling you that I am one of those people who thinks Black Friday is great:-) Some of my older siblings and I have had a tradition going for years where we plan ahead, save ads, make lists, it's all about finding great deals you can't get any other day of the year!

This year things were a bit different, we are no longer at home, shopping in Lynchburg, etc. My new brother in law, Bill, took Caleb's normal place of driving us around. In my opinion we got a rather late start.....but that's okay. At 6:30 Becky, Bill, Cephas and I (Joshua was boring and decided to stay home and sleep), took off along with a bagful of granola bars, bananas, nuts, cheese, crackers, and thermos of coffee to keep us going:-). Stop number one was the Walmart, in Dayton, only about 3 miles from the Ensinger's house. Many of you know that I had been hoping to get a camera today, and I was anxious to get Walmart's special sale. When we got to electronics, they told us to go to the fabric table, "If there were any left, they would be there...." I started to ask why, didn't make much sense to me why cameras would be in the craft department, lol, but Becky was like, "Don't ask, we'll figure it out later!" Well we never did figure out why, but I did get my camera, they still had several left. A good beginning!

Then on to Chattanooga where most of our shopping took place. Bill was extremely efficient, knew where we all wanted to go, and had made up a map of the best order of all our stops. He even dropped us off at the doors of all the stores, then parked by himself! We hit the mall, got a skirt for Becky, an awesome used bookstore (I could have spent hours there, I want to live close to it!), Michael's and Hobby Lobby where we got supplies for the wedding scrapbook I am making for Becky, a thrift store where Cephas found a coat, etc. We walked in Old Navy to look for skirts for Becky, but when Cephas saw the line/madhouse in there, he told her even if they were giving away free clothes we were leaving! We had walked back out even before Bill could park the car (to give that story a happy ending, she was able to buy the things she wanted online later in the day, with free shipping for Black Friday). We finished off our shopping by picking up some groceries at a favorite grocery store, Aldi.
Home again.....we all ate big pieces of pie for lunch.

More Thanksgiving posts with pictures coming soon - I hope!

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