Monday, November 2, 2009

Visiting Friends

On Saturday Seth and I made the long trip up to Virginia to visit some very good friends.In spite of miserable weather, we had a great time together eating, talking, laughing, "playing" with jewelry, shopping, visiting a coffee shop, and Adri and I were even able to get in some serious conversation.......
Pictured at left are Adri and I in a Goodwill store, after all the thrift store shopping I have done in my life it is about time I had my picture taken in one!
Thank you all very much, it was a wonderful day!

I found these frightening pants. The worst part? It is a used clothing
store so someone actually wore them! Don't know about you, but I'm not so
sure I would want to see that!

Digging through clothes, you never know what "treasure" you
might find. This was a nice store too, clean and sorted by
color so things were easy to find.

I found a pair of crocs for only $2.50. A great find since I
literally walked through the bottoms of my last
pair. These are my "walking shoes" so they get a lot
of miles put on them!

How do I, Adri, they are both so nice......

Playing with Adri and her mom's jewelry business. When I saw
this engagement ring I couldn't resist trying it on....Can I say this
picture was NOT my idea?! all in good fun though, and no, I won't say
who the other hand belongs to.....

This cake was our afternoon snack along
with coffee and cream cheese bread.

Our friends drove us way up in the mountains (though
it was too foggy to see anything) to their favorite coffee shop.

My first time at a coffee shop, hard to believe in
this day and age, but true!

Never get between a DiLella and his coffee!


  1. That was SUCH a fun day! We will definitely have to do it again soon! I felt so proud to be there with ya'll on your first ever coffee shop visit :D
    And it was amazing that we did get in serious talk because last time we didn't and then I think I called you a few days later to actually talk lol!
    And the shopping part was really fun and I still can't believe you found such a good deal on your shoes! I'm wearing the sweater I got (and yes...I washed it first!). :)

  2. :-)Yes, it seems like on visits like that it can be hard to get in "real conversation", especially when so many people are around. I'm happy we pulled it off.

  3. It looks like you had a great time, Stef! LOL on the engagement ring picture...I think I can guess two guesses whose hand that was. :)

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit! :-)


  5. I'll let you guess in person, Jenny:-)



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