Monday, December 7, 2009

This and that......

This past week has been a busy one getting back into routine after the Thanksgiving holiday. I was glad to get back to my regular schedule at the Es, due to travel, I had missed two weeks. The children were happy to have me back, when I arrived, Tuesday night I had several hugging me, and all talking excitedly to me on top of each other. Or maybe they just missed my pancakes......I make them pancakes every Wed morning, so when I am not there I hear about how they missed their pancakes:-)

Tue night Jenny and I watched Gone With The Wind - I had never seen this classic movie all the way through! Interesting, but I would NOT agree that it is "the greatest love story of all time", as one person put it. Pretty sad love story......!
On Thursday I went with the Es to pick up their much anticipated, eagerly waited for - new puppy! Bonnie Blue is the cutest little Border Collie. I've missed my dogs so it will be fun to have a dog to play with at the Es.

On Friday we celebrated Joshua's birthday with a special dinner.

Saturday was a fast day for our church, so overall was a quiet day. I was happy to be invited to a friend's house, where a couple families joined for a time of reading the Bible, Psalm singing, prayer, and visiting together. It was a good afternoon. The Es provided my transportation (thanks!) and I ended up spending the night at their place. That evening the adults watched the movie The End Of The Spear. A violent movie, there were parts where I had to do the "cover my face with a pillow thing", but profitable, and thought provoking. It was also interesting to me to watch the story of Elisabeth Elliot's husband since I have read so many of her books.

I'll finish up this post by showing some pictures from our Lord's day evening, we invited some friends over to join us for dinner and conversation, not to mention laughing......

We had a couple questions for Travis, first we spent about two hours on the
Free Offer of the Gospel, then another hour or so on the
roles of men and women. Interesting, and good conversation!

Most of the evening involved open Bibles, as Travis had us
looking up verses.

Add ImageAn uninvited visitor. Somebody dumped this poor, cute,
hungry little kitten at our any of you all
need a cat?!

I popped several batches of popcorn......most of us had small bowls....

.........Others larger! (but when your hostess doesn't provide
brownies you've got to eat something!)

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