Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Christian's Daily Walk

This is from my reading yesterday in Henry Scudder's The Christian's Daily Walk - so good!
"Beloved friend, observing your forwardness and zeal in seeking to know how you might please God, and save your soul, I thought it would be acceptable and profitable to you, if I should, by the infallible rule of God's word, direct you how, with most certainty, speed, and ease, you might attain to this your holy aim. Wherefore, considering that most of God's children make their lives unprofitable and uncomfortable, by troubling themselves about "many things," and that too much in things less needful; by caring and fearing what shall befall them and theirs hereafter, with respect to this present life,—that you may obtain "that one thing needful," and contain yourself within your own line and calling, I exhort you heedfully to apply yourself to do each present day's work with Christian cheerfulness, and to bear each present day's evil with Christian patience.......
"It is altogether needless for you to take thought about the success of your actions, for success is already cared for by God, Matthew 6: 26, 30, 32; one whose care is of more use and consequence than yours can be. You are cared for by one, who loves you better, than you can love yourself, who is wise and knows what is best for you, and what you need, better than yourself; who is always present with you, and who is both able and ready to do exceedingly abundantly for you, above what you ask or think, Ephesians 3:20; even God who cares for meaner creatures than you are, who also is your God, your Heavenly Father, of whose care you have had happy experience, who in times past cared for you, when you could not care for yourself, has kept you in, and from your mother's womb, who, if you are believers indeed, ordained you to salvation before you had a being, Ephesians 1:4; who in due time gave his only begotten Son for you, and to you, Romans 8:32; as appears in that now he has given you faith and hope in him, and love to him. It is your God and Father, who has commanded that for the present, and for the future, you should cast your care and burden on him, 1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 55:22; having made many gracious promises that he will care for you, that he will sustain you, and that he will bring your desire to pass, Psalm 37:5. What wise man will then encumber himself with needless cares?"

"O happy are we Christians if we did but know, or knowing, would enjoy our happiness! We are cared for in everything that we need and that can be good for us, we may live without taking thought, or care for anything. Our work is only to study and endeavor to please God, walking before him in sincerity with a perfect heart; then we may cleave to him, and rest on him both for our bodies and souls without fear or distraction, 1 Corinthians 7:35; God is all sufficient, and all in all to such, he is known by his name Jehovah to such, Exodus 6:3, even to being the acomplisher of his promises to them. If we shall wisely and diligently care to do our work, we serving so good and able a master, need not take thought about our wages. If we would make it our care to obey and please so good, and so rich, and so bountiful a Father; we need not be careful for our maintenance here in our minority and non age; nor yet for our eternal inheritance, when we shall come to full age. We, in this holy security and freedom from carefulness, if we are not wanting to ourselves, might live in an heaven upon earth; and that not only when we have means, for even then our security is in God, not in the means, but when to the eye of flesh we have no means, for God is above, and more than all means."

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Isaiah 55:6,8-1