Monday, March 29, 2010

"There shall be heard in this place, the voice of joy, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride....

As I sat down to work on this much awaited post and thought about what to call it various ideas went through my mind....there was always the standard, but somewhat boring "Caleb and Adri's Wedding", then another idea was "The facebook world converged on Basset VA," (I can't tell you how many times on Sat I said, "Oh, I recognize you from facebook," to people I had never met before:-), another thought was "Caladri" (I have to thank my sister for that one.....more on that when you get down to the bottom of this post),.....also it seemed hard to do a post on meeting up in Basset without somehow working "D- Day" into the title! Finally I settled on using the beautiful verse from Jeremiah 33 that was on the wedding program... Anyway before I go any further I want to say what a beautiful wedding it was! The ceremony was lovely, simple, beautiful, and God honoring. One of the highlights of the day for me was the Psalm singing in the ceremony; I think it exceeded all of our expectations! Another was getting to help Adri get ready for the ceremony, and to pray together - I'm so happy that my dear friend is now my sister. Of course it was also wonderful to see relatives and family, to talk and laugh together. In conclusion, a very special day - congratulations Caleb and Adri, we are so happy for you!

And so it begins.....ironing for the wedding...

Mr. E kindly drove Travis, Joshua, and I on the long trip to Virginia along with the rest of the adventure.....!

The passengers - Joshua and Jenny...

....the girls...

....the boys....

.....and me.

Figuring out directions.

The Gladus graciously fed all of the family, and some friends, lunch before the wedding!

A special part of the day for me was joining joining Ariel in helping Adri get ready for the wedding.

Leah, the photographer, arranging the dress for a picture.

Ariel, the beautiful maid of honor.


Doing hair...

The veil.

Putting on sandals....


Four brothers and a bride!

Brothers and sisters.

The family is growing!

Brothers, sisters, and aunts.

The, cookies.... favors....

Joshua always seems to be surrounded by children:-)

Cutting the cake - I love this picture, it is so Adri:-)

Cutting the cake. happy....

The lovely cake.

Talking at the reception.

We were so happy our Aunt Amy and Aunt Alice could join us!

Caleb shows off his ring:-)


Visiting, mingling..

Caleb taking his duties seriously - already carrying his wife's purse:-)!


Waiting to say goodbye.

Waiting with birdseed and bubbles.


It was awesome to see Caleb's Blazer that I have ridden in so many times all decorated...


Can I say that I see Becky's hands all over this?!

Love this - hilarious!


  1. What a lovely account of a JOY filled day Stefanie! It wasn't good GOD is to give them a pretty day for their wedding! You forgot to 'tell' where the newlyweds went for their Honeymoon! Maybe it was a secret?

  2. Thank you! No, not a secret...they are spending a week in Williamsburg.It was a gorgeous day!

  3. Great post on such a happy occasion, Stefanie! Congratulations to Caleb and Adri!!


  4. love your post Stefanie thanks!!!



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