Saturday, July 24, 2010

Keepers at home - cake decorating

Today was the monthly Keepers at Home meeting which I try to go along and help out at when I can. This month we had the opportunity to learn about cake decorating from Jenny's sister Patti. Jenny, Patti, and I had baked several batches of little cakes the day before -- all ready for the girls to try their hand at decorating. I was chosen as "official photographer" for the day (and babysitter:-) so the picture at left is of me with my camera taken by our hostess, Kara. She, with her husband, opened up their home not only to us, but to the church's group for boys, Contenders of the Faith, as well. The guys met in the front yard (see some pictures further down in this post), then we all got together at the end for cake and some time for the adults to visit, and children to play. We had a fun time together!

Cousins in the van ready to leave. There are no words to describe our van trip, 11 children, 2 moms, 1 grandmother, and me, curvy country roads, lots of noise, and carsickness....yet in the midst of all that I was thinking, someday we'll look back on this as "the good old days!"

Gathering for the Keepers at home meeting.

Most of the girls!

Kara, our hostess.

Patti, the teacher.


Colored icing.






Icing a cake with a little help.

Another Hannah:-)



This picture needs no caption...

Hannah gets some help.

I watched Katie along with taking pictures - here she is after getting into the icing - so cute.

Decorating cakes.

I caught Emily licking icing:-)

Grace shows off her finished cake to me - so pretty.

The girls' hard work....all finished.

All eleven cakes!

Contenders of the Faith meeting

Pastor teaching the Contenders self defense, fighting, or something like that....

I'm not sure what is going on here...

I must admit taking pictures of their class was far more interesting.....:-)

A favorite little contender:-)


The cake Patti made for our snack!

Everyone -Keepers and Contenders - got together for cake at the end...and this is the last of the pictures because I was too busy helping little ones eat to take anymore:-)

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