Saturday, July 17, 2010

A shopping adventure.....

Every Thursday night Jenny and I head out on a shopping expedition to restock the kitchen with groceries and do any other errands that might need doing. It's also a nice time where we have dinner together and talk. This week began as any other, we made the list, and headed out the door. At the last minute I asked if we could stop by the library before running our other errands. That turned out to be a blessing as we were still on little roads very close to the house, rather than on the interstate, when the car began overheating. We tried to limp it home, but about a mile from the house thick smoke began pouring out of the air conditioning vents (which by the way, we did have the sense to turn off when we realized the engine was running hot!) An instant stop and phone call to Mr.E took place, within minutes he pulled up in "Moby" the van. After checking out the engine and realizing it was a simple repair he decided against a tow, that we would try to get the car home ourselves.......It was too hot out to push it very far, so good old Moby saved the day by "bumping" us along the road in the car. I would have thought we looked hilarious, and at least somewhat attention catching -- a big 15 passenger van pushing a little car down the road.... but we "drove" right past a couple men doing yard work and they barely glanced at us. Ok, so maybe that is a normal sight in our town? It is a special town.....Actually it was kind of fun when we got to the dirt road we live on and we drove it much faster than normal, taking the turns very fast, trying not to lose momentum. Though I was very glad I wasn't steering the car at that point! As I said, an adventure....Moby was the hero that saved the day and got us home safely:-) Then we left again, this time in Moby, a much later start than we had planned on, but thankful that it wasn't much worse. By the time all the shopping was done we were all more than ready for bowls of ice cream -- as one of my friends said, "Ice cream covers a multitude of frustrations..." Now that's a good quote:-)

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  1. It sounds like quite the adventure! :-) But all's well that ends well, right? ;-) And, oh, yes, I like the quote. Ice cream (and a good movie) really helps when it comes to de-stressing...Karen and I tried it the other week.




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