Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This and that....

Ok, so this is a somewhat random blog post with a little bit of this and that......I cleared all the odds and ends of pictures off my camera so am sharing those, then I also wanted to post both of our sermons from this past Lord's day -- both were excellent and gave me a lot to think about.

I haven't posted any pictures of Sammy in awhile. It was good to see him this week after being away the week before - we spent some time coloring after church.

He's taking it very seriously...

Laughing at me:-)

Such a cute little guy:-)

I did a lot of babysitting at the end of last week - they made the job pretty easy:-)

Sisters reading together.

Hannah showing off the clip on earrings I brought her.


I am thankful for -- a new dishwasher! It was so funny, after Mr E got it set up we were just enjoying listening to the sound of it running, then when we pulled the first clean, HOT dish out - everyone wanted to touch it! I told them we should have filmed the kitchen before clean up, on a Lord's day night when we had a crowd over, then another shot of us admiring the hot clean dishes.....we could have had a commercial for TV:-)


Here is our morning sermon from this past Lord's day. We've been studying the "Means of Grace", and came to the Hearing Of The Word. I found the part on preparing to hear to be very helpful, and also the part on taking the word in, that worship is work that we have to battle at...Part of taking the word in is also talking about it, sharing what we have learned -- what I am doing here:-). I hope anyone who listens will find this as helpful as I did!

....and here is our afternoon sermon. We've been going through the book of Leviticus in the afternoons which has been so good. There's so much to learn from this book, and so much of Christ in it.

And last of all I wanted to end this post with some verses from my Bible reading that have been on my mind.....
"But now become exceeding poor
and sorrowful am I:
By thy salvation, O my God,
let me be set on high.

The name of God I with a song
most cheerfully will praise;
And I, in giving thanks to him,
his name shall highly raise.

This to the Lord a sacrifice
more gracious shall prove
Than bullock, ox, or any beast
that hath both horn and hoof.

When this the humble men shall see,
it joy to them shall give:
O all ye that do seek the Lord,
your hearts shall ever live."

These verses in Psalm 69, from my reading, really stood out to me, maybe because we have been studying the book of Leviticus and sacrifices in church these past few weeks. It made me think, when we are suffering or struggling with something we can praise and thank God, and that is a sacrifice that pleases Him more than any other thing we can offer. Read the rest of psalm 69 to see the psalmist is suffering, yet he ends by praising God -- definitely easier said than done though! Here is a thought from Matthew Henry on the same verses~

"It is intimated that all Christians ought to glorify God with their praises, in psalms....And this shall please the Lord, through Christ the Mediator of our praises as well as of our prayers, better than the most valuable of the legal sacrifices....It is a great comfort to us that humble and thankful praises are more pleasing to God than the most costly pompous sacrifices are or ever were."

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  1. Thanks for the pictures of our Sammy! You are sweet to do that for me! Praying for you, Sherry



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Isaiah 55:6,8-1