Monday, October 25, 2010

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For Today - October 25th

Outside my's dark. I think today is supposed to be stormy.

I am thinking......about a movie I watched on Saturday night, The Other Boleyn Girl. You may not know this about me, but the period of history during the time of Henry viii has always fascinated me, years ago I did a lot of reading on it, so watching this was really interesting. It got me upset though as I watched a father and husband, send off their daughter/wife to be the king's mistress just for the purpose of advancing the family name. The two men a woman should be able to depend on most for protection doing that?! Upsetting! Oppression has been on my mind a lot lately since I also just read a book about a young widow who needed protection....her church's solution? To marry her off as a second wife (a mormon church btw). It left me very thankful that I don't live in that time period, am not a mormon, and for the ways the Lord has taken care of me and put me in a safe place.

I am thankful for.......lots of things, but the first that comes to mind was Jenny's mom having us over for dinner last night when I was so tired. It was a blessing to get a break from cooking and kitchen clean up!

I am wearing.....a jean skirt and blue, green, and white striped shirt.

Remembering..... playing with Sammy after lunch yesterday, laughing, and tickling - I love when I get the little guy to laugh:-)

Listening to.....a song I've got 'stuck' in my head.

From the kitchen....oatmeal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and I'm thinking of spaghetti for dinner. A question for ya'll - how do you do your menu planning? Sometimes it can be so hard to think of what to make for dinner, I like when I've planned ahead.

I am order some prints from this store for my new room, Lord willing. She does all different verses in beautiful calligraphy. Click here to visit her store.
Along with normal Monday work I also would love to check a letter and email that I need to write off my mental to do list.

Noticing that....people often let us down and disappoint.

I am currently Bible, Matthew Henry's commentary on 2 Samuel, Secure In The Everlasting Arms by Elisabeth Elliot, The 'I Wills' of Christ by P B Power, and I recently finished a Christian fiction book, The Sister Wife. I picked up the last because I was in the mood for something light, but the story about mormons actually ended up getting me mad, and I don't normally get mad easily. It left me very thankful that I don't go to church every week stressed over what new 'revelation' from God my pastor has received, what new (man made) rules he's going to enforce in our lives, etc.

I am hoping...... that I can better at my driving.....and that makes it sound like I'm a terrible driver which I'm not, just lacking confidence, and a good sense of direction.....For various reasons I haven't driven in years, but am making myself  'relearn' now. I need to get used to busier roads and traffic for when we move, you can't live 10 minutes away from Walmart and not have some traffic!

On my mind......this quote I recently heard in a sermon, 'worry is a sinful form of self torture.' Very true!

Pondering these words....from my Matthew Henry reading -

"See here, [1.] That nothing is more delightful in this world than a true friend, that is wise and good, that kindly receives and returns our affection, and is faithful to us in all our true interests. [2.] That nothing is more distressful than the loss of such a friend; it is parting with a piece of one's self. It is the vanity of this world that what is most pleasant to us we are most liable to be distressed in. The more we love the more we grieve."
~ Matthew Henry

Around the house....

One of my favorite things~ when Pastor says the four words at the beginning of each service, "Let us worship God." I love my church!

A few plans for the rest of the week is normal work, tomorrow I plan to spend the day working, organizing, and packing at my brother's house, Wed is church, Thurs we have a open house for some of the newly marrieds at church, Friday night I'm babysitting, Sat is Beka's birthday so will be planning her party and cooking a birthday dinner. I don't know what else, probably packing, but plenty of busyness...

From my photo journal ~ an old picture of my grandparents.

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Isaiah 55:6,8-1