Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An update....

...there is an update for any of my followers who might have wondered if I died, or just decided to quit blogging.......don't worry neither is true:-). I hope to return to my regular posting soon when life calms down.

....we're having internet issues. The only place I can get a connection is by sitting out on the front steps in the cold!

A lot has been going on lately, lots of work, lots of changes.....Over the next few days I'll be helping the Es with their move. I've decided that for now my place is at my brother's home, I'll be continuing to go back and forth between both homes and, and hope to be a blessing in both. I'm also looking forward, after helping with the move, to a trip up to Virginia to spend some time with family and friends. Watch for pictures on here in the upcoming weeks:-).

I also wanted to share something I read recently that was comforting and encouraging. In the mood for something a little "lighter",  I chose this Christian fiction at the library, a group of five novellas on five women whom God used to in the lineage of Christ; Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. These women were far from perfect, and I've found it encouraging to read about them, how God brought beauty out of ashes, and brought so much good out of their lives.

What really has struck me though is, I don't know about you, but I tend to just think of the big events in their lives that are shared in the Bible. I didn't tend to think of them as ordinary women just like me, who had to deal with all the trials, struggles, and joys of everyday life, and just how much of their lives involved waiting on the Lord, just like mine. When you think of Bathsheba do you just think of her committing adultery, and the Lord taking her son, or do you think of, what was life like for her after her husband was killed and she went to live in the palace, living in a harem, sharing her husband with multiple women......I know it never crossed my mind, so this section I'm sharing below really got me thinking (and by the way my intent by sharing this was not in any way meant to tear down David, he had his own sins, but nevertheless was a man after God's heart). I hope this may be an encouragement to someone else today as it was to me.

"When fear threatened to overwhelm her, she set her mind upon  the Lord, comforting herself with the thoughts of what God had already done for her. She sang Psalms to her son (Solomon) - and clung to the promises in them. And every time she did these things, she felt an inner peace. The Lord was her shield, her deliverer, the lifter of her soul. Not David. David was only the man she loved, not the God she now worshiped.....Two years of suffering had awakened her. And so, she went down on her knees daily, bending her head to the floor each morning when she first awakened so that she could thank God for His blessings, and ask for His guidance. She prayed constantly that God would protect David and give him wisdom.....She was no longer a child filled with dreams, but a woman tempered by hardship and sorrow....when she lay down at night, whether  it was with David, or alone in her private chamber while he was with another woman, she praised God for all the day had held, both good and bad.

Every time David would add another wife or concubine to his harem the hurt would rise in her again. But she learned not to expect perfect love from him, for to have those expectations only increased her suffering. She refused to give in to the emotions tearing at her heart and remembered the source of  love. She turned her attention from David's wandering eye to God and His faithfulness to his people. She loved her husband, and she could still feel suffering, betrayal, confusion, and loneliness. But she was no longer in despair, no longer without hope. The Lord God of Israel taught her about love, faithfulness, forgiveness, provision, protection, peace, and compassion. Every time David wounded her, she turned to God for healing and comfort. And the Lord was always there. For His love was perfect."
~ Unspoken by Francine Rivers

I hope everyone has a good day!

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Isaiah 55:6,8-1