Monday, December 27, 2010

Plans Change....

I'm back! A little sooner than expected, with another update - life can change very suddenly. I had a nice couple days helping my pastor's family with their move - mainly packing books, which was kind of hard...I kept thinking, this one looks interesting, or I'd like to look at that one....but instead just put them in boxes......It was great to spend time with them, and of course with little Sammy:-) In this time while I'm single and have more freedom, I try to be available to help where I can, when I'm needed. I was telling friends last night that it's actually a good and interesting experience to stay with different Christian families and observe and learn from the way they do things. It's given me a lot to think about in how I want to raise any children that the Lord will hopefully bless me with. I also simply enjoy being a part of family life again - I miss that.

Anyway, back to the change I mentioned. I got quite a shock when I walked into church yesterday morning and saw my two brothers, Isaac and Josiah. My first thought was they were visiting - then I found out, no, they are moving in with Cephas, Joshua, and I. Wow! As I said life is changing. Now I have four brothers to care for! I'm sure it will be good though, they are definitely blessed to be able to be in such a good church, and it's always good to be with family. I was laughing yesterday because every time I look at Josiah I do a double take - when I moved out of my parents' house he wasn't much taller than me, now he's over 6 feet tall!

Other drama going on around here was that Saturday we had a snowstorm. That's a big deal in South Carolina and we wondered if were even going to be able to make it to church. Thankfully our prayers were answered and we did make it safely, though a lot of seats were empty yesterday. A lot of people decided it was safer to stay home.

Below are a few pictures from the last few days....any of my followers who happen to be from the north may be bored by my snow pictures - sorry:-)!

I think this little guy likes chocolate as much as I do. When I caught him taking a break from bringing me boxes to pack, with his hand in the chocolate bag - I grabbed the camera:-)

If you take one picture of Sammy - you're going to end up with several - he loves to pose, then check out the pics afterwords. Aren't his new glasses cute?

Snow in our front yard.


I have to admit, I don't like snow. But I do love how pretty it is when all the tree branches are covered with snow or ice.

My brothers and I had a great time with friends yesterday evening, here we all are caught on camera laughing at a lame joke:-)
Cephas while visiting with the Reeders last evening.

As you can see we had a good time together - everyone is smiling, even the baby:-)


I hope everyone has a good day - I need to go get busy on mine, there's laundry to be done, and food to be cooked for all my guys who are now out helping another family in our church who is moving, and I have phone date this afternoon. I don't know what the rest of the week will hold - I'm off from my normal work while the Es are away on vacation, but I doubt it will be boring....Let me just end with a Matthew Henry quote I read today that fit in with what has been on my mind lately, and our sermon from Wednesday night which continues in the series on Providence. I hope they'll be a blessing to someone.

"Those that will not wait God's time cannot expect God's blessing."  

~ Matthew Henry
Robert McCurley | Greenville Presbyterian Church


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Isaiah 55:6,8-1