Monday, January 10, 2011


On Saturday I found out that Laurens county was supposed to get 12 inches of snow through the day Monday. I normally help out at the Es on Mondays, and I don't drive in snow, so made arrangements to go back from church with them and spend the night. Anyways a little thought made me quickly decide that if there was a choice between getting snowed in at my brothers' or the Es - the Es won out, they had a woodstove to provide heat and make coffee if we lost power....priorities:-). It became more of an adventure, when Jenny's parents, sister, and her five children also decided that this would be a better place to get snowed in.....for the same reasons I think....or at least the first reason! I figured after all of us being so prepared, we wouldn't get anything and would be left laughing at ourselves, but no, woke to six inches this morning - which by the way is a lot for SC (though I've seen much bigger storms in VA). We've had a fun and interesting day - a little different than my normal workday......movies, hot chocolate, dressing children to play in the snow, cooking lots of food, and cuddling the baby in between loads of laundry.......and enjoying being warm and out of the weather. As I write this snow has changed to sleet, and the power lines are iced over so we may end up enjoying quite a bit of togetherness  camping by the woodstove tonight. As long as I have power I'll try to update on here....
 Below are a number of pictures taken by Jenny and I.

The view we woke to this morning.

Since we've no place to go...let it snow! Nobody went into work today.

I tried to capture the falling snow, but this doesn't show it very clearly.

Fairview road.

I have to admit I had no desire to go outside and get cold and wet - but the children had fun.

"Fair Oaks"

Snow days are good for naps...

I made a huge post of beef stew, and Patti mixed up a hot fudge cake with Hannah, our little helper.

Dinner for 17.

We stocked up on plenty of food.

chocolate makes everything better...... and chocolate - even better:-)

It was providential that the woodstove just go installed - no danger of us freezing!

Plenty more wood......try to stay warm and dry everybody!

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