Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I had planned to publish something else today - last week I was so organized and put together all my posts for this week on Saturday. Then yesterday while online someone mentioned this part of Pilgrim's Progress. I went and read it again before bed last night and found it so encouraging that I decided to change up my schedule:-). I hope it's a blessing to you all too!

Fire, flames, slowly burning
"...Then I saw in my dream that the Interpreter took Christian by the hand, and led him into a place where was a fire burning against a wall, and one standing by it, always casting much water upon it to quench it; yet did the fire burn higher and hotter.

Then said Christian, What means this?

The Interpreter answered, This fire is the work of grace that is wrought in the heart; he that casts water upon it to extinguish and put it out is the devil; but in that thou seest the fire, notwithstanding, burn higher and hotter, thou shalt also see the reason of that. So he had him about to the backside of the wall, where he saw a man with a vessel of oil in his hand, of the which he did also continually cast (but secretly) into the fire.

Then said Christian, What means this?

The Interpreter answered, "This is Christ, who continually, with the oil of His grace, maintains the work already begun in the heart; by the means of which, notwithstanding what the devil can do, the souls of His people prove gracious still. And in that thou sawest that the man stood behind the wall to maintain the fire: this is to teach thee, that it is hard for the tempted to see how this work of grace is maintained in the soul."


  1. I just read this last week somewhere and I think it's so amazing how God is our protector. Although we may be sifted as wheat sometimes, He does not let our fire go out.

  2. So glad you linked-up today!

    Do you know I've never read Pilgrim's Progress? Thanks for this snipet. "Maintains the work already begun in the heart". . .powerful.

  3. Jesus with His Grace maintains the work that has already started in my heart...I think I need to read this book!


  4. Thank you all!
    Jen, it makes me stop and take notice when I run across the same thing in my reading a couple times!
    I think everyone should read this book - here's a link to find it online - http://www.ccel.org/ccel/bunyan/pilgrim.i.html.

  5. We have a children's copy titled Dangerous Journey which I recently read to my children. I began Pilgrim's Progress in full awhile back but never finished. This is a great quote -- I need to get back to this book.

    I love the picture of this -- it seems to depict the work that Christ is doing to complete it until the Day of Christ Jesus. (Phil. 1:6)

  6. I hate to admit hat I've never read this book. Thinking I may have to add it to my must reads. Thanks for sharing Stefanie.

  7. Hi Stefanie,
    I am trying to reach you by email but it is not listed on your profile page:(. It is about the NOBH star blogger award -- you won:) Please email me at Kamajors@hotmail.com when you get a chance. Thanks



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Isaiah 55:6,8-1