Saturday, April 16, 2011

My weekend....

A "Postcard" of Main Street - Greenville, South Carolina, USA
This has been a nice, but extremely busy weekend! Last night we gathered for a congregational meeting at church where we elected a new elder. We're thankful to the Lord for giving us a new office bearer in the church!

I was blessed to spend this morning visiting with friends from Virginia. It's so nice and special to spend time with those that we don't get to see very often.  We walked miles in the mall while it stormed outside, then once the weather cleared enjoyed walking in beautiful downtown G'ville. Then it was home for some housework, and I'll be heading back downtown for church (preparatory service) in a little while.

I also wanted to share this sermon from Wednesday night -- I hope no one minds two sermon posts in one week! While listening it brought to mind reading Matthew Henry on Nehemiah and the importance of all members of the body in all their various functions. We got a good laugh while cleaning the church after the service when my brother came across a friend and I dusting the pulpit. He told us he appreciated seeing the application of the sermon:-)

"So little reason have we to wish that we may be placed alone in the earth, or in Jerusalem itself, that much of our safety and comfort depends upon our neighbors and friends; the more the stronger, the more the merrier"

"Those who take care of the ta exo—the outward concerns of the church, the serving of its tables, are as necessary in their place as those who take care of its ta eso—its inward concerns, who give themselves to the word and prayer."

"Deeds done for the house of God and the offices of it, for the support of religion and the encouragement of it, are good deeds. There is both righteousness and godliness in them, and God will certainly remember them, and not wipe them out; they shall in no wise lose their reward."
Matthew Henry on Nehemiah 

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  1. I agree it's always so nice to spend time with those we don't see often. Thanks for sharing about how another sermon touched you and could be applied in your life. Thank you also for linking it to NOBH! Have a blessed week!



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