Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Snakes and futons.....

A few events from a somewhat crazy, but fun day.....

The day began with Adri heading out the door to run a few errands. A few minutes later she popped back in, "Hey, Stefanie, do you feel up to an adventure?"  As it turned out way down the road someone was giving away a futon just like the one her brother wouldn't fit in the back of the Blazer, guessed it, we carried it all the way home. Laughing the whole time of course. Everyone who drove past us stopped, stared, then drove away laughing. The two of us end up doing the most random things;-) Did I mention that it was really, really heavy?

A bit later in the day Adri went outside to do some painting. I was peacefully reading in my room when my phone rang...A frantic Adri called me to come help her, she was painting the shed and had come across a snake. She wanted me to kill it because she wanted it GONE.  I told her I don't kill things.....after a few minutes of discussion I offered moral support while she went after it with the shovel. It didn't want to die, kept writhing - we screamed a little...or maybe a lot. There were a bunch of men doing yard work next door and I was kind of surprised that no came to check on the screaming women.

At that point I grabbed the shove, scooped it up and flung it into the neighbor's bushes. Adri was scared he had a girlfriend, or babies so I had to poke around and look for more, but didn't see any.

I told Adri, I don't do nature. I don't like bugs and snakes:-( It was an adventure though. I hope none of the neighbors read my blog....just saying;-)

Garter Snake
After it was all over we realized we forgot to take a picture of the snake! This is kind of what he looked like though.

Adri's mom said we needed a drink after being so 'brave' so my brother made us a concoction of cherry bourbon and fruit juice. It was good - tasted like fruit punch.

And now it's time to say good night, and here's to hoping that tomorrow is less dramatic!

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  1. I admire the both of you. Glad you lift one another up so ! I embrace the next time you desire to share such moments. thanx.

  2. Good for you for getting rid of it! I would have just run away like a little girl :p



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