Friday, June 24, 2011

The Lord will enlighten my darkness....

Today I wanted to share some thoughts from an excellent little book I've read recently, Facing Grief by John Flavel.

The Lord is able to restore all lost comforts in relations double to you if you meekly submit to Him, and patiently wait upon Him....

When Esau had lost his blessing he said, "Have you but one blessing my father?" But your Father has more blessings for you than one, His name is the Father of mercies. He can beget and create for you as many mercies as He pleases, relations, and the comforts of them are at His command.

It is but a few months, or years past and these trials you now lament; were not in being, nor did you know they should arise to you, yet the Lord gave the word and commanded them for you....though He lay you under the present trouble and reproach of barrenness, yet He does but make way for a double increase.

Say not, "What shall I do for friends and relations?" The Lord is able to give you much more.....But when as ever you expect to see your blessings multiplied, look to it and be careful that you neither dishonor God nor grieve Him by your unsubmissive and impatient carriage under the present rod.

God took away all of Job's children in one stroke, and that stroke immediate and extraordinary. This must be granted to be an extraordinary trial, yet he meekly receives, and patiently bears it from the hand of the Lord. "You have heard of the patience of Job," says James, "And seen the end of the Lord." Not only the gracious end or intentions of the Lord in all his afflictions, but the happy end and issue the Lord gave to all his afflictions of which you have account of in Job 42. "The Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.".....There is nothing lost by waiting patiently and submitting to the Lord's disposal.

It is as easy for the Lord to revive as it is to remove your comforts. There is a sweet expression this purpose in Psalm 18:28:

"For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness."

For every comfortable enjoyment, whether it be in relations, estate, health, or friends is a candle lighted by providence for our comfort in this world, and they are but candles, which will not always last: and those that last longest will be consumed and wasted at last; but often it falls out with them as with candles; they are blown out before they are half consumed; yea, almost as soon as lighted up; and then we are in darkness for the present.

It is a dark hour with us, when these comforts are put out; but David's faith did, and ours may, comfort us with this, that He that blew out the candle can light up another. "For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness." That is, the Lord will renew my comforts, alter the present sad estate I am in, and chase away that trouble and darkness which at present lie upon me; only beware of offending Him, at whose beck your lights and comforts come and go.

Hannah waited humbly upon the Lord for the blessing of children, and the Lord remembered her, He enlightened her condition with that comfort when she was a lamp despised. There is no comfort you have lost, but God can restore, yea, double it in kind, if he sees it convenient for you.

from Facing Grief by John Flavel

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Isaiah 55:6,8-1