Monday, August 1, 2011

Never give up.......

Girl Praying Yesterday in my Bible reading I came to Luke 18, specifically to the story of the importunate widow who refused to give up. I love reading in my Matthew Henry Study Bible -  reading his notes is kind of like having someone go through the passage with me, explaining things, and maybe bringing out points I wouldn't have thought of. I found his notes on this story, reminding us not to give up in prayer, helpful so decided to share them below.

[1.] This widow was a stranger, nothing related to the judge; but God's praying people are his own elect, whom he knows, and loves, and delights in, and has always concerned himself for.

[2.] She was but one, but the praying people of God are many, all of whom come to him on the same errand, and agree to ask what they need, (Matthew 18:19). As the saints of heaven surround the throne of glory with their united praises, so saints on earth besiege the throne of grace with their united prayers.

[3.] She came to a judge that bade her keep her distance; we come to a Father that bids us come boldly to him, and teaches us to cry, Abba, Father.

[4.] She came to an unjust judge; we come to a righteous Father (John 17:25), one that regards his own glory and the comforts of his poor creatures, especially those in distress, as widows and fatherless.

[5.] She came to this judge purely upon her own account; but God is himself engaged in the cause which we are soliciting; and we can say, Arise, O Lord, plead thine own cause; and what wilt thou do to thy great name?

[6.] She had no friend to speak for her, to add force to her petition, and to use interest for her more than her own; but we have an Advocate with the Father, his own Son, who ever lives to make intercession for us, and has a powerful prevailing interest in heaven.

[7.] She had no promise off speeding, no, nor any encouragement given her to ask; but we have the golden sceptre held out to us, are told to ask, with a promise that it shall be given to us.

[8.] She could have access to the judge only at some certain times; but we may cry to God day and night, at all hours, and therefore may the rather hope to prevail by importunity.

[9.] Her importunity was provoking to the judge, and she might fear lest it should set him more against her; but our importunity is pleasing to God; the prayer of the upright is his delight, and therefore, we may hope, shall avail much, if it be an effectual fervent prayer.

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Isaiah 55:6,8-1