Monday, September 12, 2011

Tired moms and more....

Baby Feet I've gotten in the habit of sharing sermons on Monday mornings.....well yesterday's sermons weren't posted for me to be able to share, but our morning one gave me a lot to think about. When I saw the title, "Help For Tired Moms"  I was a little dismayed as I wondered if there would be anything for me....then thought I shouldn't be so selfish as there are a lot of moms in our church who could be encouraged. But anyway studying this verse from 1 Timothy 2:

"Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety."

was good and I would think had something for everyone listening. I'd never been completely sure what it meant since I know we're saved by faith, but what he brought out was that for most women, children are the unique way that the Lord uses to sanctify us through all the difficulties and trials of pregnancy, giving birth, and raising them. While that is true, it left me thinking about the many, many ways God uses to sanctify His people - it could be withholding children/a family, for another woman  it might be a houseful of them, for you it might be ____ you fill in the blank. We all have our own cross to carry..... It's comforting though to know that the Lord is giving exactly what each of us needs most, and made me think of this quote from Samuel Rutherford.

"Your Lord hath the the choice of ten thousand other crosses besides this to excercise you withall; but his wisdom and his love have selected this one for you besides them all; and take it as a choice one and make use of it."

At lunch I was discussing the sermon with a friend who would love children and she reminded me of the scene from the movie Facing The Giants where Brooke, who wants children so badly, finds out once again that that month she was not pregnant. She's crying, but says, "Lord, even if you never give me children I will still love you." 
Or what Brooke's husband says while praying, "If you don't want me to have children, so be it. But You're my God. You're on the throne. You can have my hopes and my dreams."
 My friend spoke of the need to sometimes daily affirm that. To submit whatever the difficulty, trial, or loss might be to the Lord to trust Him and love Him no matter what.

I appreciated the last point of the sermon which could apply to everyone - man, woman, boy, or girl - the need to cry out to God and fully depend on Him for help to live for Him and please Him through whatever the difficulty it is we're facing, raising children, lack of them, or ____. He gave us a list of texts from the Psalms to show us the need to call on God for help from scripture and I shared one I remembered below.

"I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me."
Psalm 57:2

I'm thankful to have a God that we can cry out to!

"I cried unto thee, O Lord! who knowest me, and carest for me....and wilt not fail me nor forsake me when men do;" for God is constant in his love.There is enough in God to answer all the necessities of this present time. We live in a world of dangers and wants; but what danger need we fear if God is our refuge, or what wants if He be our portion?"
Matthew Henry

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