Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update from Wisconsin....

Today's post is a mix of random pictures and bits of news from Wisconsin. What I'm most excited about is that today I've made it to 12 weeks and have reached my second trimester!!!!! Over the past few weeks of feeling so yucky, John and I made some observations on pregnancy. Such as we figured out why husbands gain sympathy weight.....mom is craving ice cream, but with nausea can't possibly eat a whole serving....'somebody' has to help her out and eat it....;-) Then 'they' tell you that you're eating for two, but no one ever mentions the fact that you need to sleep for two, too.....I calculated that that means I should sleep for at least 18 hours a day, LOL. That might explain why I have dreams about how tired I am, and why I have to be woken up to be told it's bedtime every evening! Ok, so maybe I'm kidding....a little :-) Also exciting is starting to have bits of time where I feel like myself again, and have more energy. Babyton is doing well, and Lord willing later today I have an appointment to meet my midwife and have a prenantal.

Also exciting was getting all of our wedding pictures in the mail. It's amazing just how much of the wedding and reception passed by in a blur so it's great to have such beautiful pictures, and to be getting a DVD of the ceremony and reception :-) This is probably our favorite picture and it's definitely going to be hanging on the wall somewhere in our home. I hope to share a few more tomorrow, or one day this week.

It's cooling down quite a bit up north, it's pretty normal to wake up to temps in the 40s, and one day this week the high is only 62! This southern girl (who doesn't even own boots, and has never driven in snow) is just a little nervous about a Wisconsin winter....it will be an adventure for sure....

John and I have had fun doing a couple projects in the kitchen lately. One was attempting grilled pizza. While we had a few issues with remembering to flip the crust (I blame it on pregnancy brain;-), we did get two yummy pizzas, and some good laughs out of it which I considered a success. Some more practice should perfect our skills.....hopefully.

We also tried our hands at watermelon wine - we're turning several watermelons from our garden into 6 gallons of wine. The process included chopping and squeezing juice out of about 4 big melons, then adding sugar, yeast, and a couple other things, scrubbing watermelon juice off of most of the kitchen surfaces, and then letting it ferment for a couple months before we can bottle it. After tasting the juice part I'm guessing it's going to taste wonderful!

Here is a picture of some bread I baked yesterday -

Last of all I wanted to share an excellent sermon from this past Lord's day. It was a blessing.

Hope ya'll have a great day!

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